Aviation & Aerospace

The operational environment of aerospace components presumes many requirements that are hardly to find in any other branch.
Thanks to requirements such as quality, traceability, durability and stability at low weight, we have grown to become a competent partner with more than 35 years of experience in production of precision parts.

Also the production of 1st class components does not represent for us a difficulty. Our qualified employees transform your requests to the products.

You can obtain various parts for the aerospace industry from us.

  • Parts for the frameworks and control units.
  • Production of components and installation for sensor systems
  • Parts for satellite signal transfer
  • Parts for airfoils and flaps
  • Cockpit cover
  • 1st class components

We also include to the spectrum of processed materials, among others:

  • high-strength aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • high corrosion resistant and heat resisting super alloys
  • titanium and titanium alloys
  • nickel chrome steel and its special-purpose alloys

We produce according to client specifications, but of course we cooperate to develop the desired product, so we can find for the optimal and cost-effective solution. We offer you adequate assistance thanks to production of prototypes and we apply our manufacturing experience in production for serial design.

We document the whole production process. The continuous traceability starting with source material to the finished product and process validation.

We guarantee your steady advantage in the competition, based on our strengths…

  • vertical integration
  • automated 24/7 sheet metal working
  • store and logistics
  • short reaction time 1-2 working days
  • clean room ISO class 7
  • capacity in 3 locations
  • own surface technology
  • over 35 years of know how

We love challenges. And we are looking forward to respond to yours!

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