Mechanical engineering

Precision and perfection keep going forward. To reach this requirement in today’s world, it is inevitable to constantly develop the technology.

The MPS with its huge and modern machinery is the right partner that you need for manufacturing the high-precision machine parts you need.

You can obtain various parts for the mechanical engineering from us

  • complete pneumatic/hydraulic assemblies including electronic wiring, commissioning and acceptance certificate
  • precision machine parts for well-known milling machine producers
  • welded assemblies for machine coating (welding certificate EN 1090-2:2008+A1:2011)
  • hardened parts with allowance of tolerances 5-10µm
  • larger parts up to 7m

We also include to the spectrum of processed materials, among others:

  • high-alloy steel (e.g. 1.4404)
  • aluminum alloys (e.g. Dispal with silicon portion up to 35%)
  • titanium (e.g. 5 degree titanium)
  • Invar (iron-nickel-alloy thermal expansion coefficient ~5ppm/K)

We produce according to client specifications, but of course we cooperate to develop the desired product, so we can find for the optimal and cost-effective solution. We offer you adequate assistance thanks to production of prototypes and we apply our manufacturing experience in production for serial design.

We document the whole production process. The continuous traceability starting with source material to the finished product and process validation.

We guarantee your steady advantage in the competition, based on our strengths…

  • vertical integration
  • automated 24/7 sheet metal working
  • store and logistics
  • short reaction time 1-2 working days
  • clean room ISO class 7
  • capacity in 3 locations
  • own surface technology
  • over 35 years of know how

We love challenges. And we are looking forward to respond to yours!

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