Whether electro or pneumatic components, software integration or clean room technology installation – you can rely on our far-reaching experience when assembling your plants and systems!

For construction of your assemblies, machines, devices and plants, we are provided with qualified staff, modular assembly workplaces, a clean room technology and many assembly halls.

The synergies resulting from the direct connection to our machining production are used to the benefit of our customers.

Assembly process

This field describes the assembly of complete machines or the preassembly of sub-assembly for the series production.

The clean room technology assembly is for the parts which have to be delivered low-particle to the customers.

We produce tools and equipment which fit the best to the customer requirements.

Complete solution

Benefit from our know how in the mounting the assembly but also in our cutting production. Gain from our remarkable vertical integration in the fields of milling, lathing, welding and the sheet metal forming. Moreover, we offer you various possibilities of surface treatment. This means shorter way, faster production and lower costs for your assembly.


Assemblies capacities
Roding 720h/week

We assist you by the preassembly of subassemblies for your serial production or we relieve you from assembly efforts by order peaks. At the same time, we see ourselves as Full-Service-Manufacturer. Beginning with the provision, through the assembly and final testing up to the shipping. Our main competence lies within the complete assembly of machines and plants including electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls.

With our years-long experience in carrying out the assembly works and production of complex assemblies for the various fields among our customers count not only medium-sized businesses but mainly big corporations.

  • 3,200 m2 of mounting area
  • 2 in-door cranes with the total lifting capacity of 10t
  • Continuous component tracking through production control and ERP
  • Initial sampling + initial sample inspection report
  • Probe run / test run / commissioning on location + documentation
  • Large warehouse / commission storage
  • Production of shaft-hub joint with nitrogen (shrinking)
  • Production of non-detachable bonded joints (special materials)
  • Training of employees in the field of aerospace
  • Identification of parts with electrical marking punch + digital connected printing technology + silk-screen printing
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Clean room technology assembly

Cleanroom assembly capacities
Roding 200h/week

You can count on us for your special requirements!

We can provide you wide range of activities thanks to our 15 years of experience in the fields of semiconductor technology, medical engineering, aerospace engineering and manufacture of scientific instruments. The wish of sterile, dust and particle free assemblies and systems is increasing also beyond the mentioned fields.

  • Total area of 300m2
  • Mounting of assemblies under sterile conditions
  • Materials locks available
  • Cleaning locks available
  • Personal locks available
  • Cleaning of parts according to regulations or in ultrasonic cleaner
  • Package according to the clean room technology standards
  • Shrinking or zip foil
  • Weld foil + outer packing
  • Helium leak test
  • DI water plant, N2 gas, forming gas, compressed air, vacuum, cooling water
  • Clean room technology ISO class 7 according to ISO 14644-
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Tool manufacturing

Tool manufacturing capacities
Roding 160h/week

With modern CAD systems, design data are developed through which can be produced project specific tools. For the cost-effective and highly qualitative production process we use the newest measuring and factory automation machinery.

  • 150 m² of total area
  • Assembly for car and food industry e.g. deep drawing molds
  • Construction of card punching tools for banking sector / personalization
  • License punching tools for e.g. passports
  • Chip punching tools for e.g. micro chips on bank cards
  • Blown film dies
  • GSM tools (SIM cards)
  • Micro rays for production of homogeneous surfaces on the parts
  • Deburring of precision parts under microscope
  • Certified assembly of thread inserts in high precision parts for aerospace engineering, racing, medical engineering
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Prototype / Series production

Prototype / Series production capacities
Roding 720h/week

It does not matter if you need a single part or a series. We serve you from the development, production through the assembly up to the in-time delivery in the best product quality.

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