From prototype to serial production

You have the idea – we develop the solution!

Have you developed an idea but you can not materialize it in your house? Do you look for a partner for production of prototype or directly of serial production?

We support you in every phase of the product life cycle – from the development over the assembly up to a timely delivery. You decide, when we join the process – with your idea, a few lines on paper, or a model – or at any later stage.

Through the connection to our worldwide operating parent group Mühlbauer Gruppe we have direct access to specialists in mechanics, electronics, software and service.

Tell us your requirement – we guarantee you an optimum solution.

Prototype production

You need only single parts, eventually as spare part or as prototype for a future serial production.

We utterly fit to you individual requirements and wishes.

We offer you:

  • universal applicable production systems, which we can quickly adjust to your specific requirements
  • well trained and qualified employees, who work flexibly
  • the ability to react quickly to your time constraints
Serial production

After prototype, the serial productions comes! Our strength lies in serial production. Through the only equipment of our CNC-production machines and their optimum utilization, we ensure an attractive cost-efficiency.

That is profitable also for you!

We offer you:

  • the necessary machinery to produce large number of pieces in short time
  • well trained and qualified employees, who care for detailed and perfect transfer of lot production
  • the logistics, so you or your final customers have the item delivered on time
  • the ability to react quickly to your time constraints