The industry constantly keeps on changing and evolving – a fact which results in ever greater complexities an challenges for programming.

That is why we update and adapt our programming systems, thereby guaranteeing you flexibility and speed.


We work with the program Peps Version 8.1 in the field of eroding. This highly effective 3D-CAM-Program generates 3D modeling systems and provides ideal roughing and finishing CNC tools. The software enables straightforward and precise programming for wire-cut and die-sinking EDM.

Programming for Milling/Turning

Our department for programming in the field of milling and turning works with the CAM system Mastercam, which is one of the world´s leading CAM systems in the domain of milling. All of our three locations have 28 completely networked and modern state-of-the-art workplaces at their disposal. This enables us to present clamping situations and machining production processes as a virtual machine room simulation already at the workplace.

Sheet metal working

Effective and highly flexible solutions are also in demand in sheet metal working. Therefore, we use Trumpf´s programming system TruTops Version 13. This software has been developed especially for stamping machines, combined stamping and laser-cutting machines and also for bending machines.