Coordinate measuring technology

At all three locations we work with 13 measuring machines of Zeiss company and with up to four axes. Six of them are used for control during manufacturing in the production.  The measuring technology of all locations is directly connected together. The control and programming is done through four of the quality assurance assigned CAD-program stations.

Conventional measuring technology

The conventional measuring technique, such as roughness test, contour test and hardness test, are used in our company, too. We help special customers also with the development and realization of customer tailored and project specific testing methods.


We document you the production and quality of parts according to your requirements. The possibilities here are wide from the initial sample testing (FAI) up to acceptance test according to 3.1 (independent inspection certificate). 2.1 (certificate of compliance) or 2.2 (test report).

The control is done with our SAP-protective automatic document-oriented database “QAM”, to which all three locations have Access.

Component labeling

Almost all processed materials are locally laser labeled. Classic labeling comprises of e.g. serial numbers, matrix codes, drawing numbers or individual labeling according to the customer requirements by assembly size up to 160 x 160 mm.

Complaint Management

“We all make mistakes” – even when working under the greatest care, mistakes occur. You can submit your complaints directly to our Complaint Management officers. To avoid mistakes and improve the production, 4D- and 8D-reports are immediately made and transferred to the production.