MPS Stollberg GmbH

Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 4, 09366 Stollberg/Erzgeb.

Telephone: +49 37296 6993-0

MPS Roding GmbH

Josef-Mühlbauer-Platz 1, 93426 Roding

Telephone: +49 9461 952-2300

Muehlbauer Technologies s.r.o

Novozámocká 233, 949 05 Nitra-Dolné Krškany, Slovakia

Telephone: +421 37 6946-000


Josef-Mühlbauer-Platz 1, 93426 Roding

Telephone: +49 9461 952-2400


Founded in 1997 in Stollberg (Saxony), MPS Stollberg GmbH is located exactly in the center of the economic region Chemnitz-Zwickau.
The federal highway 72 and the main roads B169 and B180 provide ideal logistic conditions. The airports of Leipzig and Dresden are about 90 km away.


The seat of Mühlbauer Group and MPS Roding GmbH is – as their brand name makes it obvious – in Roding. The location in western parts of Bavaria nearby woods is beneficial not only to the agriculture, but also from the industrial point of view.

Regensburg is only half an hour away, international airports of Munich and Nuremberg are in one and half hour reachable. Roding is the second biggest city in district of Cham and at the same time an industrial and business center in the area. The city is active part in the fast growing regions in Bavaria.

As modern industrial place, the city offers many jobs and training positions and employees gain the possibility to live in their own family house thanks to many building areas.


Nitra is the fifth largest city in Slovakia with some 84,000 inhabitants, located about 80 km to the north east of Bratislava and about 150 km away from Vienna. A same-named river flows through the city, and the Zobor mountain looks down upon the city from the north. Along with Bratislava, Nitra is one of the oldest Slovak cities.

Today, Nitra is a center for economy, culture, education and sports in the region, and thanks to the Agrokomplex area, also an international center for exhibitions and events. Nitra is a city of young people, and has two universities: the Constantine the Philosopher University and the Slovak University of Agriculture.

Roding MBO

MBO GmbH, founded 2010, is the in-house surface technology of the MPS Group and it`s directly connected to the production in Roding.

The company refines not only the own products of the Mühlbauer Group and the MPS Roding GmbH but also serves a multitude of own customers with different surface treatments.