The Mühlbauer Group

Since its establishment in 1981, Mühlbauer Group has evolved to the first-choice technology partner for Smart Card field, ePassport, RFID-Smart Label and flexible solar cells. Further business fields are the areas of micro-chip sorting,

carrier tape equipment, as well as automation, marking and traceability systems. The field Parts & Systems produces high precision parts.

„Think different – Act different – Be different“


Precision parts – PARTS & SYSTEMS

The part production builds the base for the business of the Mühlbauer Group. All our products have one thing in common: They are based on the precise processing of small parts. That is the reason, why the safety sensible fields, that are known to our partners, put great pressure on us.

We deliver compact solutions in full responsibility, from raw materials via parts manufacturing, surface treatment and system assembly up to logistics.

Production facilities – Automation

The heart of our projects – whether solution or component project – are the machines. Throughout our development, we have step by step completed our product portfolio for our markets, so we have gained position as complete solutions provider in market. In our business field AUTOMATION, the strings of all machines are running at the same time, whether for production of passports, cards, semiconductor products, RFID or flexible solar cells.

The experts from Research and Development, Production and Service collaborate closely to develop new machines or to optimize the existing ones. Moreover, we are still looking for new ways on how to make our products even more reliable and efficient – according to our motto: We produce innovations ready for mass production. Thanks to our intense research and development activity, we have developed many new markets and gained strong market position as front-runner in technology development.

Government solutions – Tecurity®

Solution projects are complex and challenging projects, that require many years of experience, great know how and sense for the wishes and requirements that our partner demands. In solution projects, we deliver our partners not only machines or software – no, these are complex orders and the complete responsibility for the project lies in our hands. We intensively accompany our partners from the first conception, through the type of production up to the final release of ID documents to the citizens.

To guarantee the successful transfer of solution projects, we therefore combine our competencies from various fields. In new TECURITY® Center in our head office in Roding work our experts from fields Machine, Software and Service closely and intensively together, so they can transfer the solution project to the complete satisfaction of our partner.